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    Bosley, the trusted name in hair restoration with over 45 years of experience, brings you scientifically proven prescription solutions from the comfort of wherever you are.


It doesn’t get easier than this

BosleyRx can help you stop hair loss dead in its tracks, with convenient, FDA-approved treatment options. Get proven prescription-only medication and specially formulated topicals, no doctor’s office visit required.

Choose the option best suited for you below and start keeping what’s yours.


  • Don't ignore the issue

    Hair loss starts earlier than you think.

    25% begin the process before age 21

    2/3 of men experience hair loss by age 35

  • be proactive

    Turns out it's a lot easier to keep than it is to get back after it's already gone. Don't ignore those early warning signs, the sooner you start the fuller your hair will stay.


Getting your prescription is fast and hassle-free. Complete a short online questionnaire and have it reviewed by a physician. If your prescription is approved your medication will be shipped out that day or the next. You won’t be charged a dime if you’re not approved.

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    Choose your plan and register

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    Complete the short questionnaire

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    Take & upload a photo of the area of concern

  • 4

    Physician approval

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    Your medication ships directly to you!

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